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'Syrenka' is an incorporated non-profit charitable organisation. Strict financial records are kept and audited on an annual basis, and together with our Constitution, membership quota and monthly committee meetings (whose minutes are also audited and registered with our Financial records with the Department of Fair Trading), fulfil all legal and moral obligations. The organisation's activities are funded through fundraising, donations and grants such as those managed by the Community Relations Commission.

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The committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting for a term of one (1) year. The present committee stands as follows:

  • President: Mrs Teresa Wroblewski
  • Vice-President: Miss Sylvia Usien
  • Secretary: Miss Andrea Kuznicki
  • Treasurer: Mr Jason Knap
  • Public Officer: Mr Thomas Dutka
  • Committee Members:
    • Mr Andrew Adamski
    • Mrs Nathalie Budniak
    • Mrs Halina Borysiewicz
    • Miss Wiktoria Grochulski
    • Mr Filip Kidon
    • Mr Pawel Kidon
    • Mr Jarek Kleiber
    • Miss Eleonora Paton
    • Mrs Agatha Trinder (Junior Group Co-ordinator)
    • Mrs Melissa Czado Weston (Intermediate Group Co-ordinator)
    • Miss Ewelina Zak